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Heritage Trail – Self-Guided Walk

In a walk along the Dene from Armstrong Bridge towards Hadrick’s Mill look out for the following landmarks and features from the past :

  • Spoil Heaps : traces of the spoil from the Busy Cottage Iron Works can be seen in the area of the Dene below Armstrong Bridge
  • Millfield House : This is the location of Busy Cottage Iron Works and later of a mill.
  • Mill Race : After leaving Millfield House, look out for the long section where the remains of the mill race can clearly be seen to the right of the main path. This section of the old mill race was as wide as the Ouseburn when in full use.
  • Banqueting Hall : Also at about this point you can see the Banqueting Hall on the opposite bank, to the left. This is the former site of the Apple Tree Inn, demolished and relocated by Armstrong to make room for his banqueting Hall.
  • Weir and Sluice : All along the river
  • Heaton Cottage : This is now the site of Fisherman’s Lodge Restaurant but in the 1850’s was the site of Heaton Cottage, a Lime Kiln and a Flint Mill. Immediately upstream from the mill, the mill race began again, delivering water that was initially collected from a weir just below the next mill upstream – the mill now known as ‘The Old Mill’.
  • Hadrick’s Mill : After passing through the pedestrian tunnel at Castle Farm Bridge you approach ‘The Millstones’ pub on the opposite bank. The mill is no longer there today, but was still in existance as late as the 1860’s, between the current pub and the river. If you look carefully you can see the remains of the stonework which formed part of the tailrace from the mill and ran parallel and very close to the river for about 50m before it rejoined the river.
  • Quarries : Look out for the quarry sites as you walk through the Dene.